PeaZip 5.0

PeaZip lets you create, extract and convert archive files with ease
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PeaZip is an advanced archive manager that enables you to create, extract and convert archive files. Unlike other programs from the same category, this application also provides you with additional utilities, such as duplicates finder, Web search tool, and a password manager.

By compressing files and folders, you save storage space on your hard drives and reduce the file size of e-mail attachments and folders you intend to transfer on your USB sticks. This application enables you to easily create archive files, extract them or even convert between various compression formats.

A significant advantage of using PeaZip is that it allows you to password protect any created archive file. This way, you make sure that no unauthorized users can check the compressed files without your permission.

The aspect you need to consider while installing this application is opting for the custom installation mode. If not, you might find yourself installing unnecessary tools on your computer that can change the settings for your browser.

To conclude, PeaZip is a great solution when it comes to creating, extracting and converting archive files. This application supports a wide range of compression formats and provides you with password-protected archive files.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports various compression formats
  • Comes with an integrated duplicates finder, Web search tool and a password manager
  • Ensures secure file deletion
  • You can password-protect any created archive file


  • Offers you to install unnecessary tools on your computer
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