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Full-featured archive utility to extract, compress, and encrypt archive files
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PeaZip is an open-source archive application that provides full support for well-known archive formats, such as 7Z, ARC, GZ, TAR, and ZIP, among others. Likewise, it is capable of reading and extracting more than 150 other file types, while providing you with a set of useful utilities that will allow you to check, view, encrypt, or convert archive files.

One of the features that make this all-in-one free tool stand out from the plethora of other similar file compressors (such as its renowned competitors WinZip and WinRAR) is its cross-platform nature. Its one-file-fits-all installer will allow you to use PeaZip on Windows, Linux, and BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), as well as a portable app. The other outstanding feature is its support for more than 150 archive formats, including all the most widely used ones and a long list of less-known file extensions.

These two features, added to the fact that PeaZip will cost you nothing, are more than enough reasons to make you think twice before acquiring a file compression tool. If we throw in an extensive range of file management tools and utilities in the package, I find it hard to come up with a strong argument to go for a different app. PeaZip will let you view an archive and add or delete files to it without having to extract it and re-create it again. You can also convert any of the supported 150+ file types into ZIP, TAR, WIM, and 7Z in a snap, and choose between a one-big-file output and a set of individual archives – one converted archive for each input file. You can also compare files, calculate checksum and hash files, and detect duplicates in a simple and highly rewarding way. Finally, you can also make use of PeaZip to shred archives for good using its free space or zero delete modes.

Security is another of the program’s strong points. PeaZip not only encrypts your archives using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms (AES256, Blowfish, Twofish256, Serpent256, or EAX), but also adds passwords and keyfiles to them for extra security. Locking your archives is extremely easy, and you can make use of the program’s password-related extra tools to create Fort-Knox padlocks for your most sensitive data.

Be it PeaZip’s unbeatable compression and archiving open-source technology, be it the wide range of highly useful tools that come with it, this is a tool that I would seriously consider when looking for an effective, safe, and versatile archive utility.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Reads more than 150 archive types
  • Full support for 7Z, ZIP, and ARC archives
  • Allows you to edit and check archive files without decompressing them
  • Encrypts and password-protects your archives
  • Natively portable and cross-platform


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