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Manage various archive files on your PC the way you need
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PeaZip is a simple archive manager designed for Windows PC users. With its help, you can easily create, convert, and extract various types of archive files. The application is very simple to handle, features easy-to-configure settings, and comes with a comprehensive help guide.

The main window of the program looks a lot like the File Explorer interface, where can browse your directories and find the files you wish to compress, convert or extract. You can also access the app's extract functions from the contextual menu. Simply right click over an archive file you wish to extract and select the preferred option from the PeaZip panel.

The built-in tools can be found on the main toolbar of the utility and they feature simple to configure output settings. I tested the app by creating, converting, and extracting an archive file. PeaZip immediately completed all of the given tasks, without slowing down the performance of my PC.

My only issue with this utility is that it supports a limited amount of output formats when creating and converting archive files. The application allows you to import a wide variety of archive formats, but supports only 7Z and ZIP output formats.

In conclusion, it's worth installing this free program on your PC only if the aforementioned aspect doesn't mean much to you.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Contextual menu integration
  • Supports various input formats
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Comes with options to securely erase data from your PC


  • Supports a limited amount of output formats (converting and building archives)
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